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Maryland Wrestling Trivia Contest with Coach Kearns---- BEGINS TODAY

Coach Kevin Kearns has come up with semi-tough and tough trivia questions on the history of Maryland Wrestling. Every week throughout the rest of the season, ending the week of the ACC tournament there will be a question or two to be answered. Only one chance per question is allowed. Email your answers to Todd Beckerman at tfb@umd.edu.

The winner with the most correct answers will win a Maryland Wrestling Sweatshirt at the end of the contest. Depending on the question will determine the amount of points you get for getting it correct. We will have a tiebreaker question with the contestants that are tied at the end of the contest to determine the winner. Only one winner will be crowned 2006 University of Maryland Wrestling trivia champion. Past answers are below. Good Luck and Let the games begin!
Week 6: NEW Our Head Wrestling Coach Pat Santoro won (2) NCAA wrestling championships while attending Univ. of Pitt.  Has any other Maryland Head Wrestling Coach won more?Yes or No - 1 ptIf so, Who? - 2 pts  Who is the Univ. of MD Head wrestling coach who holds the record for the most dual meet wins? -- 1 ptA) Sully KrouseB) Jim DouglasC) Tom ClaytonD) John McHughE) Joe McDaniels  For an extra point - 1 ptHow many wins was that?  Name the wrestler and team captain who won both the John McHugh Most Outstanding wrestler award and the Kevin Kearns Senior Achievement award?-- 1 ptA) John AntonelliB) David LandC) Matt PandulloD) Brandon YorkE) None of the Above 
Week 5: LAST WEEKWhat (3) time ACC champion won all 3 titles in a different weight class?--- 1 ptA) Marshall DaubermanB) Bob KarchC) Jim ArnoultD) Steve PaperakE) Howard ZachmanF) John McHugh  
For 1 pt name the years and another 1 pt for the weigh classes
Week 4:
From 1931 to 1933 the U of MD wrestlers competed under what name? -- 1 point
A) College Park Grapplers
B) Old Line Wrestlers
C) College Park Athletic Club
D)Old Line Athletic Club
E) Terps A.C.
F) None of the Above
Week 3:
Who paid for the 1st wrestling mat (cover) for the U of Md wrestling team? -- 1 point
A) Tom Clayton
B) Curley Byrd
C) Jim Douglas
D) Sully Krouse
E) John McHugh
F) None of the Above

Week 1:

1. Which of the following U of MD wrestling coaches wrestled professional in the "fake" "wrasslin" shows. ---1 point
A) Al Woods B) Curt Callahan C) Tom Clayton D) Jim Douglas E) Steve Erber

2. Ritchie Coliseum was the site of the 1st ever conference wrestling championships at the U of MD? --- 1 point
True or False
For another point- What conference was it?-- 1 point

Week 2:
3. Name the only U of MD wrestler to lead the Nation (Div. I) in the most pins his senior year? --- 1 point
A) Kevin Colabucci B) Jim Guzzio C) David Land D) Jake Stork E) None of the above
For another point - How many pins and what year? -- 1 point

4. Name the U of MD wrestler who holds the record for the most wins in a career? --- 1 point
A) Brandon York B) Jake Stork C) Phil Brown D) Jim Guzzio E) Kevin Colabucci
For another point - How many wins? -- 1 point
Answers:  Week 1: C, True-1941 Southern Conference Championships. Week 2: D - Jake Stork 23 pins, A -Brandon York 139 wins
Week 3: B - Curley Byrd was convinced by Tom Clayton that wrestling would help his linemen who were not playing basketball in the winter to stay in shape. So Curley Byrd paid for the mat cover to go over the horse hair mats. Week 4: C - College Park Athletic Club


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